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We at Focus Learning Corporate Training & Career Education Centre are offering a wide variety of business skills and language skills training to help individuals and corporations in the ever increasing complex business world.   We will work with your team in any context and setting - leadership & management, team-building, business communication, problem solving & decision making, conflict & change management, human resources management, customer service upgrades, selling techniques, Chinese & Western etiquettes, as well as language and psychological training to engage your employees and members.   Our philosophy is to facilitate training programmes, career development and educational events specifically geared towards helping you achieve your goals, and, to deliver a measurable return on your investment.

Customer’s Feedback:

“We would like to extend our greatest gratitude to Focus Learning. We would not have performed so well in real life business settings in terms of business Putonghua communication, selling techniques and Chinese etiquette without your professionalism and highly motivated spirit in providing training & consultancy services to our expatriate and local executives.”

Business & Language Programmes

Designed to Inspire You

Leadership & Management

  1. Business Strategy
  2. Business Ethics
  3. Change Management
  4. Creative Thinking
  5. EQ
  6. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  7. Strategy Management
  8. Stress Management
  9. Team Building
  10. Time Management

Leadership & Management - Details

Business Strategy

  • Long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal or set of goals or objectives.
  • Strategy is management’s game plan for strengthening the performance.
  Business Ethics
  • Business policies and practices regarding corporate governance, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and fiduciary responsibilities.
  Creative thinking
  • Unorthodox solutions are suggested.
  • Creative thinking can be stimulated both by an unstructured process such as brainstorming, and by a structured process such as lateral thinking.
  EQ – Emotional Intelligence / Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) / Profiling Analysis
  • How the Enneagram can be used for personal, spiritual growth and business professional applications
  • Short type panels, experiential exercises, meditations, and music.
  Problem solving and Decision Making
  • Problem Solving - Identifies problems, involves others in seeking solutions, conducts appropriate analyses, searches for best solutions and responds quickly to new challenges.
  • Decision Making – Make clear, consistent, transparent decisions, acts with integrity in all decision making, distinguishes relevant from irrelevant information and makes timely decisions.
  Strategy management
  • The systematic analysis of the factors associated with customers and competitors (the external environment) and the organization itself (the internal environment) to provide the basis for maintaining optimum management practices.
  • The objective of strategic management is to achieve better alignment of corporate policies and strategic priorities.
  Stress management
  • Stress management encompasses techniques intended to equip a person with effective coping mechanisms for dealing with psychological stress.
  • Techniques include self-identification, self-management, conflict resolution, adopting a more positive attitude, etc.
  Team Building / Change Management
  • To drive change and overcome anxiety towards change and to improve morale.
  • To build better teamwork and reduce barriers among different levels.
  Time management
  • Time management refers to the development of processes and tools that increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Skills include goal setting, planning, prioritizing, decision-making, delegating and scheduling.

Sales Management

  1. Account Strategy for Major Sales
  2. Business Networking / Influencing Skills
  3. Cross Selling
  4. Customer Service Relations
  5. Consultative Selling for Insurance / Wealth Management Staff
  6. Selling Techniques
  7. Selling after service for Branch Counter Staff
  8. Presentation and Negotiation Skills
  9. Retail Bank Service Management for Branch Supervisors and Managers
  10. Hotel / Tourism / Retail Management and People Development

Sales Management - Details

Account Strategy for Major Sales

  • Link between marketing and sales, analysis and strategy, customer collaboration, etc.
  • Developing a key account management plan, screening process, customer attractiveness measures, supplier importance measures, building key customer relationships, entry and exit barriers, developing business plans, and management skills.

Business Networking / Influencing Skills

  • Business networking and referrals through events, groups, clubs, meetings, and business social networking websites.
  • Leveraging your business and personal connections to bring you a regular supply of new business in China or/and western contexts.

Cross Selling

  • The practice of up selling or suggesting related or complimentary products to a prospect or customer.
  • Complete selling techniques including Do’s and Don’ts.

Customer Service Relations

  • Attitudes for service, coaching a service team, complaint resolution, create loyal customers, cross and up selling, referrals, telephone skills – inbound/outbound, etc.

Consultative Selling for Insurance / Wealth Management Staff

  • How to make customers want guidance with their buying decisions from someone (a trusted advisor) they like and trust.
  • How to stop pushing products and cultivate a deeper understanding of customer needs and earn more customer approvals that yield higher margins, and expand expertise for approaching accounts strategically.

Selling Techniques

  • Sales techniques 101 guide to salesmanship teaches you sales concepts for how to close a deal in a way that leaves everyone feeling good about the sale.

Selling after service for branch counter staff

  • Provide a handy list of after-sales service techniques to help build customer relationships and increase your business sales.
  • Increase the value of your sale by up selling, cross selling, offering extended warranties, etc.

Presentation and Negotiation Skills

  • Good presenters always use verbal language, body language and signposts to impress their audience.
  • Determine the importance (Identify key steps / strategies to achieve results) of negotiation in the sales process.

Retail Bank Service Management for Branch Supervisors and Managers

  • Provide excellent customer service and equip your customer-facing staff with the skills including leadership, management and team development.
  • Customer interview skills, diversity awareness, how the financial markets operate, matching products to customer needs, up selling and cross selling techniques, etc.

Hotel / Tourism / Retail Management and People Development

  • Besides rewards, recognition, responsibility, and building relationships also play a key role.
  • We provide retail consulting practice including team building and management skills.

Corporate Business

  1. Business Merging and Acquisition
  2. Corporate Finance
  3. Corporate Marketing
  4. Corporate Human Resources
  5. Corporate Governance and Ethics
  6. Corporate Public Relations
  7. Financial Services Marketing
  8. Financial Planning

Corporate Business - Details

Business Merging and Acquisition
  • Even senior financial and business executives can further develop their skills for winning mergers and acquisitions strategies. It’s the opportunity to review key strategies, learn to best value target companies, and develop clearer insight into the entire process – from motive to target to integration.
  Corporate Finance
  • We offer a broad range of premium finance courses covering credit, investment management, project finance, risk management and many more. All of our programs are led by highly specialized and experienced trainers, each of whom are leaders in their own fields.
  Corporate Marketing
  • Provide training such as organizational identity, corporate identity, corporate branding/image, corporate communication and corporate reputation, etc.
  Corporate Human Resources
  • Offer hot topics such as HR law, essential employment practices, insights into administration and benefits, the legalities of policies and procedures and reengineering & office relocation, etc.
  Corporate Governance and Ethics
  • Corporate governance deals with maximizing the shareholder’s wealth and considering the welfare of the all stakeholders and the society.
  • Case studies such as unethical issues, bribery, coercion, insider trading, conflict of interest, unfair discrimination, donations & gifts, presentation of false return of income and statements, and accumulations of profits by illegal means etc.
  Corporate Public Relations
  • Offer courses such as corporate social responsibility, crisis and media management, events and conferences management, public relations and media skills, and winning social media strategies, etc.
  Financial Services Marketing
  • The marketing mix for financial services will be covered, along with the concepts of marketing as they apply to the unique nature of services.
  • Relationship marketing, attracting and retaining customers, marketing tools and techniques, and strategy development will be emphasized.
  Financial Planning
  • We provide courses such as foundations of financial planning, personal taxation, investment and portfolio management, employee benefits and estate planning, etc.


  1. Chinese Etiquette
  2. Western Etiquette

Etiquettes - Details

Chinese Etiquette
  • Chinese etiquette tips about proprieties, customs on different occasions in China such as greetings, self-introduction, business table manners, family visiting, the most updated social topics, traditional values, dress code, art of gifting & taboos and entertainment etiquette such as luxury clubhouse culture, etc.
  Western Etiquette
  • Western etiquette tips about proprieties, customs on different occasions in western countries such as greetings, self-introduction, business table manners, social etiquette, party etiquette, business etiquettes such as art of gifting & taboos, office etiquette, and interview etiquette etc.


  1. Sponsor Your People to Obtain Certificates

Certificates - Details

Sponsor Your People to Obtain Certificates
  • Talented in being the Bridge among Diversity – Sponsoring participants to the programme(s) will develop and strengthen a company's leadership talent pool, while retaining the employees / customers in the company during and after the programme(s).
  • Focus Learning is working with The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong.
  • Programmes include leadership & management (Customer Services, Sales & Marketing, Financial Planning & Investment and Tourism & Hospitality, etc.) and languages (English, Putonghua, Korean & Japanese, etc.)
  • Please go to CONTACT US and send your enquiries to us. Tailor-made syllabus will be provided according to your requirements.


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